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Melbourne housing prices Vs Getting Healthier.


Melbourne housing prices Vs Getting Healthier.

If you live in Melbourne you probably are aware that there has been a fairly sharp rise in housing market prices over the past 10 years or so. Interestingly though the overall result is a rise but looking at the graph tracking the last 10 years you can see that the rise wasn't always at the same rate of growth and there even was a little bit of a fall several times.

So what has the housing graph got to do with a getting healthier graph? Really the link is simple. Over time the trend is a rise but a "micro" view shows that there are dips or challenges along the way. When you buy a house in order for it to appreciate to its potential it needs to be cared for, well maintained and be well presented. Similarly in order to follow a positive trajectory with your health you need to live with wholistic health values. It is not OK to exercise regularly but eat terribly, or to eat really cleanly but do no exercise for example. The dips in the road towards wellness inevitably occur when we are faced with challenges that life throws at us.

Life is a melting pot of the physical, mental and emotional. We always face challenges in these areas and how we deal with them impacts the graph. But the good news is that your overall journey through life and how much you enjoy great health and wellbeing in large is down to your lifestyle choices. Simply put, if you value looking after a house by painting it, checking there are no leaks, keeping it tidy and contemporary because you want to see your investment rise over time, the same needs to applied to your wellbeing.


Yours in glowing and growing health

Dr Michael Bloom

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