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I want to feel no pain.....ever! - Happy Chiropractic
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I want to feel no pain…..ever!


I want to feel no pain…..ever!

I listened to some deeply philosophical speakers this past weekend at a conference. These people were of different ages, different nationalities and undoubtedly all had very different life experiences. One of the thoughts that I had as I listened was whether it was realistic for people to never have pain, or for that matter whether it would actually be something we would want. 

Pain actually is a bodily sensation that like all other body sensations is designed to either protect us or help us move towards greater health.

I'm not suggesting that pain is always enjoyable and highly desired, yet in virtually all cases, pain serves a purpose.

Think of stepping on some broken glass.....without pain, the likelihood is that the glass would become deeply embedded in your foot, however with pain, there is a high chance of removing your foot before damage is done. This example can also be relevant with touching something hot.

Now a more common scenario, especially in the life cycle of a chiropractor is hearing about the onset or intensification of pain due to poor sitting posture, or sleeping on your stomach, or driving for a long duration without a break, or sitting in front of a computer for 50 hours per week ongoing. I think pain is actually desirable in these scenarios and actually signifies that your innate intelligence (Inborn wisdom) is having a positive impact on your longer term survival and ability to thrive. Without pain in these instances it would be more likely to continue down a destructive path until something serious may occur.

Whilst chiropractic can often provide relief for people in pain due to the above scenarios, the goal should really not be to solely relieve pain, but to help correct the dysfunction that has occurred due to lifestyle choices, but most importantly educate the person as to the benefit of the pain and ways to change their lifestyle to help their longer term health.

If pain goes after a certain number of chiropractic visits.....or if the pain doesn't go......the impact on the central nervous system due to the adjustments is the same. We can't judge whether the pain is serving a purpose for "X" amount of time then should be gone or whether it still has a purpose to fulfil even after we want it to be gone. 

As you can tell my mind is full of philosophical thoughts at the moment and I'm really enjoying mulling them over. Hope this thought about pain resonates with you.

Yours in Health

Dr Michael Bloom

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