Our fees-Happy Chiropractic Malvern
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Chiropractic Fees

Initial Consultation, Examination and Referral for X-Rays

Adult: $105

Children (Newborn – 18yrs): $70

Report of Findings
Visit 2

Adults: $80

Children (Newborn-18yrs): $67

Happy Chiro
Regular Adjustment

All: $67

Back pain
Performed every 12 visits or if there has been a gap of over 6 months between visits

Adults: $80

Children (Newborn – 18yrs): $67

Prepayment options

We also offer some pre-payment options that provide a saving on the regular visit fee.


NB with all prepayments: there is no lock in once you have paid. If you choose to discontinue care we will refund your remaining balance without delay – taking into account visits already received.

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