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What you should know

We love kids! We see children of all ages, from newborns and all the way throughout childhood. We have a play area for children and always go out of our way to ensure that babies and children enjoy their experience at Happy Chiropractic.

Why Babies?

  • Our practitioner has over 20 years seeing babies regularly. There has never been a complaint against his care of babies. In fact there has been a large amount of praise.
  • Only gentle approaches are used
  • Safety is our primary concern
  • All recommendations of care are clearly explained to the parents.

Currently there are members of society that spend their time scouring over chiropractors websites looking for reasons to make complaints.

Pages about babies and children are particular targets for these people.

We have decided to place very little content as we want to avoid the possibility of a complaint.

Common reasons parents take babies to chiropractors. (This is not to claim chiropractic is a cure/remedy for any of the list below)

  • Colic
  • Regurgitation/reflux
  • Unexplained incessant crying
  • Difficult birth
  • Birth injury
  • Breast feeding challenges
  • Plagiocephaly (Flattening of skull)
  • Check up

Gentle Techniques

We are proficient at providing gentle chiropractic care, utilising cranio-sacral adjusting methods in many cases. We adjust carefully and precisely to maximise any neurological benefits.

Will an Adjustment hurt my baby?

We use low force adjustments with babies. Adjustment pressures are often so light that similar pressure could be placed on your eyeball with no discomfort.

It is common for babies to sleep through an adjustment in some cases.

If your baby cries during an adjustment it is usually very short lived and your baby will stop crying very quickly after their adjustment.

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