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What you should know

Childhood is a time of great change and development. Children often soldier on and don’t complain about any pain or problems.


A very common reason that children come to Happy Chiropractic is due to postural strains. With an increasing amount of time spent using mobile devices and computers, posture often suffers. Poor posture can lead to pain, but in some cases there is no pain at all. Whether your child is in pain or not. If you feel their posture is suffering, a visit to Happy Chiropractic is a great idea for a professional assessment.


The principle holds true that as the central nervous system is influenced by spinal adjustments the benefits may be far reaching and highly influential if a child undergoes chiropractic care.


At Happy Chiropractic we use lower force techniques and place high importance in performing a thorough health and spinal assessment before deciding whether a child could benefit from chiropractic care.


We also work as part of your health care team. If we feel your child would benefit from seeing other practitioners we will recommend that. After all nothing is more important than your child receiving the best possible care and advice.

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