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Modern Technology

Computerised Spinal Scanning

We routinely use 2 separate spinal scanning technologies.

  1. Spinal Electromyography (sEMG)
  2. Skin thermography


sEMG gives information regarding spinal muscle and nerve activity. Is there muscle spasm? Is there muscle weakness? Do the nerve signals appear to be doing their job? is there spinal muscle asymmetry? These are some of the questions that can be addressed through this testing.


Thermography gives information regarding skin temperature balance. Is there even temperature or is there imbalance as we test the skin next to the spine? These results can relate to function of your nervous system.

Heart Rate Variability testing

We also routinely measure Heart Rate Variability. We do this because this information provides insights into your health that are extremely useful. The information is objective and not necessarily related to pain or other symptoms.


Heart Rate Variability testing provides fantastic insight into your bodies ability to cope with stress.


Measured over a 5 minute period the resultant variability in the regularity of your heart beat gives important information about the balance of your nervous system with regard sympathetic vs parasympathetic balance. It also gives information about your overall autonomic activity.


With this information we are better equipped to make meaningful tailored recommendations. We also can repeat all three of these tests as regularly as required to gain an idea of your trend over time.

Skin thermography

Heart Rate Variability

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