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Good posture is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve due to seemingly uncontrollable factors of our lifestyles. Stress, sitting for long periods of time, using electronic devices, carrying heavy bags and lack of exercise all contribute to poor posture.


At Happy Chiropractic we understand the multitude of factors that can affect your posture and are able to offer simple and effective tips to avoid them. We can also help to improve your posture and any spinal misalignments that might be causing you problems.


Scoliosis refers to a curvature of the spine to either side that resembles an S when viewed from behind with an x-ray. The most common time of onset is throughout adolescence and into early adulthood. In some people it can cause no disturbance to their day to day lives for others it can pose serious health risks. Scoliosis often has no known cause but a regular visit to your chiropractor can help to identify if there is a scoliosis developing.


Around 65% of cases of scoliosis are idiopathic, meaning the cause is unknown. Although in many of these idiopathic cases there have been relatives that have also suffered from the condition, suggesting there may be genetic links.


Scoliosis can be brought on by other conditions that affect the nerves or muscles such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy and occasionally can be a result of a birth defect.


Signs of Scoliosis include one shoulder being higher than the other, a visible curvature of the spine, uneven hips, leg or arm lengths, a prominent shoulder blade and leaning to one side.


Back pain is surprisingly not a common symptom of scoliosis but in some cases it does occur if the curvature of the spine worsens. The pain normally appears at the site of the curve and in the surrounding muscles and can be aggravated by sitting or standing for long periods of time. In severe cases scoliosis can effect lung and heart function.


Treatment can vary depending upon the severity and extent of the curve. Medical management of scoliosis ranges from pain management and exercises, to bracing, and in extreme cases, surgery and the use of spinal rods.


At Happy Chiropractic we have a role in screening and detection. If you have concern over a high shoulder or a curve in your spine, we would assess you using PostureScreen and/or x-ray technology in order to measure and assess your posture.


We would then move on to maximising your spinal and nerve function function. Whether you have a small or large curve, it makes sense to have your spine adjusted. Using gentle and specific techniques combined with a bespoke program of spinal exercises we would attempt to improve the overall function and flexibility of your spine.


At Happy Chiropractic we don’t claim to reverse curves that have been there for years but generally improve the function of your spine overall.


High Shoulder

High shoulder is a postural condition in which one shoulder sits higher than the other. This is usually indicative of uneven muscular function which often has an implication in spine function.


High shoulder posture can be a result of numerous factors, an injury or strain, from prolonged poor posture or a misalignment in the spine. The most significant contributor to an increase in cases of high shoulder posture is due to people carrying inappropriate or over loaded bags. Wearing a bag with one strap, having straps that are too long and carrying loads that are too heavy can all contribute to high shoulder posture.


High shoulder posture from an overloaded or unevenly weighted bag can lead to numerous problems such as vertebral subluxation (spinal misalignments), postural imbalance, back, neck and arm pain, headaches, muscle strain and potentially nerve damage.


By carrying a bag on one shoulder, not distributing the weight properly and taking on too heavy a load, you are forcing the body to overcompensate for all this extra strain. This can lead to excessive stress being placed on the spine and the nervous system.


One of the easiest ways to avoid high shoulder posture is by wearing a suitable bag and not carrying too much weight. This is especially important for school children who should always wear a backpack with both straps on, placed above the hips to avoid over straining the back. If you ever want your child’s school back pack carrying technique assessed please let us know, and we will arrange a complimentary assessment.


If your bag only has one strap, place it over your head so that the strap is on one side of your neck with the bag on the other. This will help distribute the weight better, or regularly switch arms.


If you are already have uneven shoulder posture we would aim to allow your body to resolve the issue as much as possible. Through gentle spinal adjustments chiropractic can help to change the muscle tone and symmetry therefore balancing your shoulders. We can also advise you on the best ways to avoid recurring problems with uneven shoulder posture in the future


Here at Happy we take the time to go through all of these issues with you in order to enable you to be truly healthy. Our aim is to make sure your body is working at its best so that you can feel and function at your best.

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Forward Head Posture

Forward head posture is a condition in which a person’s head is held in front instead of above their shoulders. It is an increasingly common and serious problem due to our society’s increased use of computers and other electrical devices. According to the research in the Journals of Gerontology, forward head posture can even reduce life expectancy.


Forward head posture can be a result of a variety of different lifestyle factors such as sleeping with too many pillows, working for extended periods of time on a computer, excessive texting, slumping when sitting or from a lack of developed back muscle strength.


Forward head posture creates excessive strain on the muscles in your neck and back. It has been estimated that for every inch your head sits in front of your shoulders, the weight of it increases by 10 lbs. To cope with the extra weight, your muscles are in constant contraction. This adds pressure to the base of your skull and can lead to headaches, tingling and numbness in the arms, and a burning pain between the shoulder blades.


The more serious issue with forward head posture is that it restricts the movement of your ribs and therefore your ability to breath deeply. This has a huge affect on the heart and lungs, preventing them from function properly.


Our chiropractor will work with you, using gentle adjustments to correct spinal subluxations thus improving nerve function and relax the muscles that have been put under such strain. We will then advise you on how best to avoid forward head posture in the future.


It is important to correct forward head posture as soon as you can, in order to avoid further strain in other parts of your body. Chiropractic offers an extremely effective, drug free solution.

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