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Neck Pain Treatment

neck pain

Neck Pain Treatment

If you are like millions of other people looking for the best neck pain treatment look no further! Neck pain is very common with people either waiting it out to see if the symptoms go away themselves or running to their medical doctor that just pushes another pain pill or muscle relaxer that at bests covers up the pain temporarily.  Those that play the waiting game usually find the pain doesn’t go away and just gets worse.  The others who pop the pills become reliant on them and start experiencing the many harmful side effects.

Studies Show Chiropractic Provides 94% Success Rate in Neck Pain Treatment

But did you know what has the highest success rates in providing neck pain treatment?  A study in The Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy shows that the best answer to your neck pain is chiropractic treatment with over 94% approval.  Even better these results were seen in just one week of treatment!

In this study, 64 patients suffering with neck pain were randomly split into 2 groups.  The first group received only cervical (neck) adjustments with a home exercise program.  The second group received the same neck pain treatment but additionally were adjusted in the thoracic spine to see if treatment of this region would provide further neck pain relief.

Each patient was assessed with a pain rating scale, neck disability outcome and global rate of change prior to treatment and after just 2 sessions in a 1 week plan.  The patients in the experimental group of receiving adjustments in both the cervical and thoracic region experienced a significantly greater improvement than those that just received cervical treatment.  94% in the cervical plus thoracic group compared to 35% in the group treated in the neck only.

So after only 2 treatments in one week, patients who get adjusted in the cervico-thoracic regions of the spine show a 94% significant improvement in neck pain relief!  Even better this is all natural using gentle, non-invasive chiropractic care without the risks of medication or surgery.

It’s important that when you go to a chiropractor that you are assessed in all regions of the spine even if you only feel pain in the neck region.  Some doctors will just treat the neck but the thoracic area gets severely restricted with the many daily stresses we put in our body.  Things like sitting at a computer desk all day, carrying purses and brief cases, texting and talking on your phone are increasing problems in this area of the spine.  The upper thoracic spine is a transitional area from the neck to the rest of the spine and most people carry their stress here. By addressing both areas we are more confident that neck pain will respond to chiropractic care.

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