November 2016 - Happy Chiropractic
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November 2016

Technology advances are both amazing yet scary. Research shows how bad sitting all day is for your health, yet with the boom in the internet many jobs rely just on doing that.   Then there are phones. Mobile phones used to be straightforward and just for making...

Do you suffer from headaches, or do you know someone close to you who does suffer from headaches? It is such a common issue to have headaches. Many, many people, in fact millions of people throughout the world have what is termed "Normal Headaches" on...

"DIGITAL DEMENTIA" is a condition of neurologic decline due to overuse of digital technology resulting in the breakdown of cognitive abilities. Researchers propose that short-term memory pathways will start to deteriorate from underuse if we overuse technology. Technology is robbing children of the necessary components of...

Neck curve
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