Brain Healing capabilities becoming more understood
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Brain Healing Capabilities

Brain Healing

Brain Healing Capabilities

The Brain! What an interesting area of science. I urge people to read Norman Doidge’s two books on this fascinating subject.

Once upon a time when people had a stroke, or had Parkinson’s disease or had chronic pain syndrome or had one of many possible other health ailments it was thought that there was no way of improving the situation.

In the 1960’s two neuroscientists discovered that there could be a possibility to effect the type of nerve impulses that reach the brain by creating other nerve stimuli to compete for space in the spinal cord transmission system. This provided a level of understanding about how movement or vibration for example could help to reduce someone’s pain.

More recently the study of what happens actually in the brain has shed some amazing light on that area. To put it simply the brain is made up of neurons(nerve cells) and glial cells(not a neuron but an important cell for proper brain function). Neurons are now known to be adaptive to stimuli that comes from the body. This is a relatively recent understanding in neuroscience. For a long time it was thought that brain cells couldn’t be influenced by body function.

This new understanding offers great hope to people living with many chronic conditions. Certain activities and thought processes have been shown to dramatically effect neuron firing in the brain thus the persons whole life experience.

One of the key aspects that ties in with chiropractic is that movement is vital in effecting the brain function. Adequate spinal joint movement and alignment benefits the brain neurons whereas inadequate spinal joint movement inhibits neuron firing detrimentally. The benefits of well functioning spinal joints is not just localised to the brain because the benefits set up a flow on effect resulting in healthier hormonal function as well as better balance, co-ordination and usually less discomfort.

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